AEW's Jeff Jarrett Gets Candid About Former WCW Champ David Arquette

The infamous "death" of WCW was a long, slow process, eventually leading to WWE absorbing the promotion's assets. In the eyes of many, one of the final nails in the company's coffin was actor Dave Arquette winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to promote the film "Ready to Rumble." One person associated with Arquette's WCW run is Jeff Jarrett, and speaking on a recent edition of "My World," Jarrett offered his thoughts on the actor.


"[Arquette was] great," Jarrett said. "Humble, very respectful, engaged. He wanted to do the very best he could."

Jarrett shared that he still has a framed picture of the cage match that saw Jarrett win the title from Arquette, with the former WCW star harboring positive memories from that night. Despite that fact, Jarrett also acknowledged that it wasn't the strongest booking the company had to offer, even though the audience in the building was excited about the action in the cage.

"Was it a trainwreck?" Jarrett asked. "Yes, it was an absolute trainwreck."

The AEW star then told a story about "Diamond" Dallas Page getting hurt during rehearsals for the match, which wound up leading to the wrestler creating his DDP Yoga program to help his back. As for Arquette, Jarrett doesn't blame the actor for any of the negative aspects of the storyline he was involved with.


"Great dude, good heart," Jarrett continued. "To [make] him champion — that was a little tough pill to swallow for the traditionalists. He did his very best. I've got nothing but good things to say about David."

Years after his WCW run, Arquette would return to wrestling, this time hitting the independent scene. In the eyes of many fans, the actor redeemed himself, even spawning a documentary titled "You Cannot Kill David Arquette."

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