Skye Blue Reportedly Harassed By Fan During ROH Taping

AEW's Skye Blue has come a long way since she first made a splash with the promotion in August 2021, and recently had what many felt was the match of her career when she unsuccessfully challenged Willow Nightingale for the AEW TBS Championship in a "Manitoba Massacre" match last week on "AEW Rampage." Unfortunately, Blue's progression hasn't prevented her from dealing with some of the unsavory elements of pro wrestling fandom, even when she's in the ring.


Shortly after last night's "AEW Dynamite/Ring of Honor" tapings concluded, a fan took to Reddit to post about harassment Blue faced while working an ROH match against Rachael Ellering. According to the account, a fan in the front row, who was said to be there with his child, could be seen throughout the match making "vulgar" comments towards Blue, notably geared towards her appearance. The harassment became louder as the match went along, even as several other fans in the area told him to stop.

PWInsider has since provided more information, reporting that the fan continued harassing Blue while she and Ellering wrestled near him on the floor, prompting Blue to respond. At that point, AEW/ROH referee Aubrey Edwards had AEW and building security speak to the fan, leading to his ejection. Upon the match ending, Blue was said to have immediately made her way backstage, visibly upset over the harassment.


Blue may not have been the only wrestler that evening to have issues with the fan, as Saraya was seen earlier on "Dynamite" calling two fans in the front row "creeps" on camera. It's now believed that one of the fans Saraya signaled out was the man who was ejected for harassing Blue. At this time, neither AEW nor Blue have commented on the situation.