Bully Ray Discusses Response To His Comments About AEW's Orange Cassidy

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray recently had a bone to pick with Orange Cassidy, as the former TNA World Champion didn't think Cassidy did a very convincing job selling a piledriver onto a set of steel ring steps on "AEW Dynamite." On "Busted Open Radio," Ray said that his criticism landed surprisingly well with the wrestling community.


"There was some positive that came out of my comments about Orange Cassidy on 'Busted Open After Dark,'" Bully said. "What I noticed on social media is some of ... the staunch AEW toxic fanbase who despises me yet still listens to everything I say ... even they came around a little bit." 

Bully went on to parody the many backhanded compliments he received on social media, enjoying the legion of AEW fans begrudgingly agreeing with him. "Busted Open" co-host Mark Henry believes that even the target of the criticism took it in good faith.

"If anybody will take the constructive criticism, it's him. Orange Cassidy is one of my favorite people that I was able to work with in AEW," Henry gushed, putting over Cassidy's athleticism and sense of humor. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion knows Cassidy is someone who is constantly improving. "I know for a fact that he looked at that criticism as constructive criticism and he didn't get the boo-boo face and he didn't pout."


Cassidy is in the middle of a feud with his former best friend Trent Beretta, who turned his back on Cassidy and their comrade Chuck Taylor. Trent recently wrestled Taylor in a Parking Lot Brawl, which will likely be Taylor's last match ever.