AEW's Jeff Jarrett Spitballs Celebrities He'd Bring Into Wrestling

AEW star Jeff Jarrett was heavily involved in WCW when the decision was made to put the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on actor David Arquette. Jarrett would win the title from Arquette after just 12 days, but the damage to WCW's reputation would be severe, though some look back at it more fondly today. Speaking on a recent edition of "My World," Jarrett revealed which celebrities he thinks have the most potential as wrestling stars.


"I think if you could put the women's title on Taylor Swift, I have a strong, strong feeling the buy rate would go up and the ratings would go up," Jarrett said. "I mean, they did the roast of Tom Brady. Can you imagine if Tom decided to do a one-off match?"

Jarrett made it clear that he was speaking mostly in jest, though — surprisingly — the AEW star does have an actual connection to Swift. The pop star was once the babysitter for Jarrett's children, and Jarrett once called Swift a "family friend." However, Jarrett and co-host Conrad Thompson seemed more convinced that it is Swift's boyfriend, NFL tight end Travis Kelce, who'd be the most open to a spot in professional wrestling.

"I'll put Travis [Kelce] over and he can come [wrestle] in an AEW ring," Jarrett continued. "And Karen will absolutely take a backdrop from Taylor if need be."


Kelce is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, who have won the last two Super Bowls. Swift began dating the NFL star last year, with their relationship becoming a hot topic of conversation among both football and pop music fans. Though Swift and Kelce showing up in AEW is a stretch, to say the least, Jarrett pointed out how much attention it would inevitably bring the young promotion.

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