NWA's Billy Corgan Discusses Impact Of WWE's Netflix Deal

WWE's multi-billion dollar streaming deal with Netflix has set a gigantic precedent for the wrestling industry, proving that the product can be recognized by the mainstream in today's cultural landscape. Appearing on "Busted Open Radio," NWA President Billy Corgan commented on the historic agreement, and shared some of his plans for the NWA as well.


NWA currently has a streaming deal with the CW App, and according to Corgan, the numbers have been good so far. "It's a little bit difficult with international fans because we're still trying to create a situation. I just hired a new television agent, so we're looking for power to be first run television on international channels." Corgan then again hinted at another deal he recently signed but claims he can't talk about just yet, especially since the last time he was open about another deal, things got messy. Corgan also commented on his deal with CW, explaining how numbers are higher than CW's broadcasting numbers which are infamously low. "And by the way, the CW app, for people kind of giving a rye eye to that: they actually draw bigger numbers than they do on the broadcast side."


He then pointed at the WWE/Netflix deal, explaining that this proves wrestling's future frontier is going digital. "At the end of the day, everybody knows, everybody sees it, wrestling is going digital full-on. Wrestling is going to be a 24/7 endeavor." Corgan lastly noted how NWA's roster has grown considerably over the last few years, suggesting that big things are underway.

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