Law & Crime Network Releases Body Cam Footage Featuring Arrest Of WWE Star Liv Morgan

The video footage of WWE star Liv Morgan's arrest from last December, when she was arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of drugs, has been released.

In the body cam footage that aired on the "Law & Crime Network," Morgan was initially stopped for not staying in her lane on the road, after which the officer noticed the smell of marijuana emanating from her vehicle.


"You've been smoking marijuana?" asked the police officer to Morgan, who replied that she didn't but had some in her car.  The WWE star is then seen speaking to someone on the phone and requesting them to post bail, where she revealed that she had a vape pen in her car. She told the person on the phone that she didn't know whose vape it was and that she was being arrested. The officer told Morgan that she was swerving across the road in the car, for which she apologized.

Morgan was asked to step out of her vehicle and was handcuffed by another officer. The police officer who stopped her told his colleague that Morgan was going slower than the speed limit and swerving from left to right on the road, forcing him to pull her over. The officers found creams, hair products, cash, and even wrestling shoes but couldn't find the marijuana at first despite the overwhelming smell in the car. After finding the vape pen, they discovered her WWE ID, following which one of the officers exclaimed that he knew who she was. The WWE star then called her boyfriend to inform him about her arrest and requested him to come to pick up her car.


She was released after reportedly paying a fine of $543 after the state of Florida couldn't provide substantial evidence.