AEW And NJPW's Rocky Romero Discusses Contract Situation

Over the last decade, Rocky Romero has gone from a well-regarded wrestler to arguably one of the most powerful figures in the business today. The long-time New Japan star worked his way up the promotion's ladder into becoming an executive behind-the-scenes and has since acquired a similar role in AEW as well, while still finding time to work for CMLL in Mexico, becoming one of the most reviled rudos in the promotion over the past year.


Sitting down with Sean Ross Sapp of "Fightful" to discuss his many jobs, Romero talked first about his duties in AEW. Romero also revealed that he had been a fixture in AEW even before the promotion brought him on in an official capacity.

"I was around quite a bit, and obviously, the relationship and New Japan is strong and it's tight," Romero said. "So there's always something to do, or Tony would be saying 'Hey, can we get this person in? Can we get that person in? When can we get that person in?' And then building toward Forbidden Door is always just a juggling act, because there's always just so much going on. And New Japan's got a huge show in Dominion, which is right at the beginning of June, but also the last week of May is Double or Nothing. So there's just constant stuff going on, and just trying to balance it all. But it's great. It's great."


Romero sought to clarify any questions regarding his roles with AEW and New Japan, as well as how many contracts he currently has.

"I've got a few," Romero said. "I do have a few. I am signed with New Japan and AEW. I'm obviously...I'm signed with AEW as a wrestler in a wrestling role. I'm also signed as a backstage person."

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