Rocky Romero Reveals Parameters For AEW Working With AAA And CMLL

AEW entered a whole new frontier of partnerships two weeks ago, when they officially unveiled a working relationship with lucha libre promotion CMLL, leading to a match between top CMLL star Mistico and Rocky Romero on last week's "AEW Rampage." But while the partnership has drawn plenty of excitement, and several potential crossover matches like Blue Panther vs. Bryan Danielson and Thunder Rosa vs. Stephanie Vaquer, it also comes with potential pitfalls, as the AEW/CMLL alliance comes at the same time AEW continues to work with AAA, CMLL's longtime rival. Appearing on "Wrestling Observer Live" on Wednesday, Romero was asked about AEW working with both AAA and CMLL. He proceeded to lay out the guidelines for how AEW will continue to work with both companies, without upsetting either.

"The parameters are things like, you know, maybe no AAA talent on the same show as CMLL talent," Romero said. "Obviously not in the same matches as well." Overall, Romero is very excited about the possibilities of putting AEW and CMLL talent together, especially since Romero was instrumental in getting AEW owner Tony Khan and CMLL owner Salvador Lutteroth III to the table.

"I think I'm pretty much responsible for at least getting the conversation started and bringing the idea of CMLL working with AEW," Romero said. "And in this case, primarily Mistico. I think that over the last couple of weeks, we've heard quite a bit that Tony Khan was a big fan of Mistico and having him was a big deal. So just to be able to open that door for CMLL, AEW, and New Japan to hopefully do some more work together next year, I'm stoked for it. I think it's really, really cool. That's another forbidden door opened."

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