AEW's Thunder Rosa Calls Out CMLL Star

The partnership between AEW and CMLL may only be two weeks old, but it's already off to a strong start following last Friday's "AEW Rampage" match between Rocky Romero and CMLL icon Mistico. And if one AEW star has their way, the next AEW x CMLL crossover could be a battle between the AEW and CMLL women's divisions.

On X Wednesday, Thunder Rosa posted a message in Spanish directed toward CMLL luchadora Stephanie Vaquer, including a photo of the two going face-to-face last week at CMLL's Arena Mexico. Rosa called Vaquer one of the best wrestlers out there, and expressed that Vaquer had Rosa's respect and friendship, but that "there is no greater respect than colliding in the ring." She then expressed a willingness to fight Vaquer in either AEW or CMLL, and asked fans to message either promotion's front office if they were interested.

A match with Vaquer would represent Rosa's first in-ring action in over a year. The former AEW Women's World Champion has been sidelined while dealing with a back injury, which forced her to vacate the Women's Title and prevented her from making her lucha libre debut for CMLL's rival AAA at TripleMania XXX: Mexico City. There is still no firm timetable for Rosa's return, though she did work a practice match in the summer. A match with Rosa would be the latest high-profile bout for Vaquer, who gained notoriety after she wrestled Mercedes Mone at NJPW's Strong Resurgence. Vaquer has since become a double champion in CMLL, winning the inaugural CMLL Women's Tag Team Championship with Zeuxis at the 90th CMLL Aniversario in September, and the vacant CMLL Women's World Championship only two weeks later.