WWE Twitch Video Recaps Previous Clues In Session With 'Missing' Bray Wyatt Therapist

On July 16, 2020, the WWE On FOX YouTube channel released a video of "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt attending a therapy session with a psychiatrist named Rachel Bonnetta, who attempted to provoke Wyatt into speaking. Unfortunately for Bonnetta, her efforts were interrupted by a brief electricity blackout that resulted in Wyatt taking her place in the nearby chair, while Bonnetta mysteriously disappeared. Four years later, Bonnetta has now been found (albeit under a different name) alongside a cinematic recap of the Wyatt-related clues recently supplied by WWE.


Thursday afternoon, a new 55-minute WWE Twitch video opened with snippets from the July 8, 2013 episode of "WWE Raw," which notably served as the main roster debut of The Wyatt Family. About two minutes in, however, the stream began to dramatically glitch before revealing an empty chair. This seat was later occupied by the aforementioned psychiatrist, Rachel Bonnetta, who appeared under the name of Wendy Lucho — a "missing" woman — in a series of images linked to a QR code seen on this week's episode of "WWE Raw."

Throughout the Twitch video, Bonnetta can be seen conferring with an unidentified client that later indicates that they've finally found their true purpose and family. As the conversation between client and psychiatrist progresses, flashes of QR codes emerge, routing back to several previous clues and messages reportedly connected to a new Bray Wyatt-themed stable. While the debut date of this new faction remains unknown, the united gathering of these clues suggests that their debut may be rather imminent, and possibly occurring on the "Raw" brand, where the original Wyatt Family began their main roster story in WWE.