WWE Star Liv Morgan Looks Back On Cashing In MITB On Ronda Rousey The Same Night

WWE's 2022 Money in the Bank premium live event kicked off with a Women's Money in the Bank ladder match pitting seven of the company's top women against each other. This contest was ultimately won by Liv Morgan, who seized the opportunity to invoke her guaranteed title shot on the freshly defended "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship later in the evening. On a recent episode of "Insight With Chris Van Vliet," Morgan looked back on her swift decision to cash in her Money in the Bank contract on the very same night she won it.


"I just knew with every fiber in my being that I had to pull this off," Morgan said. "I was like, if it's not right now, I'm probably going to never have another moment and opportunity like this. So I was just ready and willing to do whatever it took to grab that briefcase and be the last one standing at the end of the night. I didn't think I was gonna cash in."

"I was in Vegas. I was like 'Woo! I just won Money in the Bank, this is like the biggest victory in my whole entire life. I'm gonna go celebrate, I'm gonna go gamble, I'm gonna go have some drinks, I'm gonna celebrate my victory,'" Morgan continued. "Then I noticed that Ronda [Rousey] gets injured during the match [against Natalya] and I'm like, 'Oh, man, should I go? Should I not go?' I'm kind of having this moment of 'what do I do?' And then I finally was like, I'm gonna go. And so, again, I ran my little heart out, and this time, it paid off."


Morgan's victory over Rousey marked a massive milestone in her career, as it resulted in her first ever championship reign. The following year, Morgan claimed even more championship gold in WWE's women's tag team division, boasting two reigns as WWE Women's Tag Team Champion alongside Raquel Rodriguez.