WWE Exec Bruce Prichard Lays Out Why John Cena Is 'The Man'

John Cena is inarguably the biggest star to come out of WWE over the last 20 years, following in the footsteps of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson by eventually heading to Hollywood. However, before he did that, Cena spent many years solidifying himself as the "top guy" in WWE. Speaking on "Something to Wrestle," WWE executive Bruce Prichard described what set Cena apart, allowing for his rise to the top.


"He was the man — he [had] every aspect of being the man," Prichard said. "From waking up, or not even going to sleep, to make the plane to go to 'Good Morning America' or 'The Today Show,' to flying out — finding a plane on his own — to go and visit a sick kid. That's not hype, that's not PR. That's just John Cena."

Cena has long had a reputation for being a staunch professional, which Prichard backs up. Additionally, the WWE director and producer recalled leaving Cena a voicemail during a point when Prichard didn't work for WWE, simply relaying a story involving Prichard's son. Much to the executive's surprise, Cena called him right back despite being on the road.

"[He's] not afraid of hard work, and that's what made him the man," Prichard continued. "People talk about being 'The Guy' in the company — John Cena was 'The Guy.' He did it all and did it with a smile on his face and didn't refuse. [He] knew, 'Man, this is the gig. This is my responsibility and I'm going to do it.'"


Prichard wrapped up by stating that he has love for Cena both personally and professionally, and he's happy for all the success the performer has found since his early days in WWE. Despite his current status as an in-demand Hollywood star, Cena has indicated that he hopes to return to WWE for one final run next year.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Something to Wrestle" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.