Tommy Dreamer Says He's Been 'Blown Away' By This AEW Star's Mic Work

This Sunday at AEW Double or Nothing, Will Ospreay will challenge Roderick Strong for the AEW International Championship, marking Ospreay's first chance to claim one of the promotion's singles titles. The two came face-to-face during a backstage interview on last week's "AEW Dynamite," with Ospreay passionately revealing why Strong has him so worked up. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," host Tommy Dreamer explained why the segment got him even more excited for the upcoming match.


"I have been blown away with Will Ospreay's mic work," Dreamer said. "[He's] known as a great professional wrestler, perhaps one of the best professional wrestlers. ... I will throw him in the category of a Rob Van Dam [or] a Shawn Michaels for how he has risen to be this must-see type of person. But then his promos have really, really been good."

Ospreay has the ability, according to Dreamer, to make the stories he's involved in come across as real. In last week's interview segment, the wrestler was able to truly sell the idea that he felt disrespected by veterans like Strong throughout his career, injecting some emotional stakes into the feud.

"Match is gonna be killer, and then — okay, where do we go from here? A personal issue," Dreamer continued. "I believe it. I love it, and [it] really, really got me hooked."


Both Dreamer and his co-host Dave LaGreca agreed that Ospreay has continued improving on his promo abilities since joining the AEW roster in March, with the most recent episode of "Dynamite" serving as just the latest example of his advancement. Ospreay will have another opportunity to show what he can do in the ring when he wrestles Strong at Double or Nothing this Sunday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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