WWE Queen Of The Ring Tournament Report, Raw 5/20/2024

Former NXT Women's Champion Lyra Valkyria is moving on to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for her chance at the Queen of the Ring crown after defeating former WWE Women's Champion IYO Sky on "WWE Raw." The former "WWE NXT" star will face off in the finals of the tournament at WWE's King & Queen of the Ring premium live event on Saturday, against either Nia Jax or Bianca Belair of "WWE SmackDown," after defeating Zoey Stark in the quarter finals last week and toppling SKY on Monday.


The "NXT" call-up used her gymnastics skills against SKY to start off the match and got in plenty of offense. She got SKY in a submission hold in the middle of the ring before the women traded counters and pinfall attempts. SKY got Valkyria in a crossface, the same move the former "NXT" champion tapped to, to lose her championship to Roxanne Perez prior to her main roster call-up, but Valkyria was able to get out.

SKY got in a flurry of offensive herself, including a moonsault from the ring apron and a meteoria in the corner to Valkyria, but she wasn't able to hit a moonsault in the middle of the ring. SKY did counter a move of Valkyria's into a power bomb, but couldn't capitalize quick enough for a pin. She missed another moonsault attempt with Valkyria moved out of the way.


After dodging the moonsault, Valkyria looked for the Night Wing. SKY attempted to counter, but Valkyria stacked her up in the middle of the ring for the victory. She moves on to face the winner of the "SmackDown" side of the bracket on Saturday in Jeddah.