Booker T Says This WWE Star Is 'Cut From The Same Cloth' That He Is

Even if he's closer to the end than the beginning of his career, R-Truth is arguably hotter than he's ever been, and enjoying a run as one half of the WWE World Tag Team Champions with Awesome Truth partner The Miz. But while the long-time WWE star remains entertaining to many fans, his penchant for comedy remains divisive for others, with some wondering if Truth's act could be construed as a stereotype.


On the latest episode of the "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T touched upon the subject, alluding to an unnamed Hall of Fame wrestler who said wrestling had moved "past" acts like Truth's. While Booker understood why some would feel that way, pointing out that he used to be asked by promoters to go out and dance, he defended Truth's character and his performances as just Truth being himself.

"R-Truth has been doing this forever," Booker said. "He's really, really [good at it], as well as he's captivated the crowd with who R-Truth is and what he's doing. When I hear people say stuff like that, it makes me wonder, because I've always understood what this business was about at the end of the day. I really did, and I was pretty much taking care of my family, entertaining the crowd, giving the crowd some ultimate brushes, ultimate moments, more than anything. 


"It was never really about me. And I feel like R-Truth is a guy that's pretty much cut from that same cloth. He goes out and performs [and] entertains, as well as...more importantly, I think he's thinking about parlaying his success into whatever he's doing next. He's not a guy that's just sitting around thinking about R-Truth the character on television."

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