WWE Champ Cody Rhodes Says Current Era Has Been Surpassing Attitude Era For Years

Throughout his career, Cody Rhodes has had a turbulent relationship with The Attitude Era, to the point he once vowed to "kill it" in the lead up to his match with brother, Dustin Rhodes, at the inaugural AEW Double or Nothing. That relationship took another turn this year when The Rock returned to WWE and began feuding with Rhodes, a rivalry Rhodes viewed as the modern era of wrestling clashing Attitude Era values.


While being interviewed by "Busted Open Radio," Rhodes' relationship with said era once again came up, this time in regards to whether the current era of wrestling could ever surpass WWE's golden age. Rhodes reiterated his belief that its already happened, which has allowed him to let go of his past resentment towards the Attitude Era.

"I actually think we've been in the era for maybe two years, or maybe even just a full year of it, in terms of all companies and how we look at our industry, and does it cross over into the mainstream," Rhodes said. "What demographics does it hit, what boxes is it checking. I love the Attitude Era. Give me a deal with whisky and we'll sit there, and I'll laugh and enjoy it, and it's Crash TV and it's amazing. And they were electrifying audiences. 


"The connection that the characters had, if you look at the Attitude Era, everyone was over. The lowest guy on the card was coming out to get a big, big pop. I think it just put us in a place, when we were coming up and we were training...we were only compared to that. And for me, I no longer have the hate side of the love/hate relationship with the Attitude Era, because of what happened with The Rock. My dream really came true."

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