- Above is the latest NWA Ten Pounds of Gold featuring a look back at last month's NWA Crockett Cup (full results here). The show featured Brody King and PCO winning the tag team tournament, while Nick Aldis retained the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Marty Scurll.

- Earlier this week at a Bar Wrestling event, David Arquette lost to Jungle Boy. During the match a fan apparently yelled at Arquette, "You're only doing this cause you're broke!" and Arquette yelled back, "I have Friends money, b----!"

- In the lead-up to his match against Dustin Rhodes at AEW Double or Nothing on May 25, Cody Rhodes cut a promo about wanting to kill off the Attitude Era.

"This match is 'generation vs. generation,' I am not here to kill Dustin Rhodes," Cody said. "I'm here to kill the Attitude Era. My whole class of peers has been compared to these gilded late 90s through the early 2000s for over a decade and it's an utter shame. Sure, you paved the roads for us, but gosh, you set the speed markers at 35 because you're terrified of us putting the f---ing foot down on the pedal."

Below, Rhodes showed off his weight belt for the match with "Attitude Killer" written on it.