Tommy Dreamer Assesses The WWE NXT Women's Division

While there is still plenty of work to do, women's wrestling in the United States has continued to gain traction over the last decade, with several stars across WWE, AEW, TNA, and other promotions becoming just as big of stars as the men. Perhaps no women's division, however, is as unique these days as the "NXT" Women's Division, which features a never ending group of up and comers, out of the box characters, and world class athletes looking to break on through.


During Tuesday's "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer agreed with co-host Dave LaGreca's take that the "NXT" women's division stands out more than the men's division. Part of that is because Dreamer feels the female talent have to find ways to stand out compared to their co-workers.

"Here's what is going to make you standout," Dreamer said. "One, Sol Ruca. Her work, that amazing finisher that she does. Her amazing gymnastic ability. Look at how quickly Tiffany Stratton got called up, all that stuff, how she rose throughout 'NXT,' this amazing gymnast. Well, if I'm going through the college ranks, I have ten of them, so what is going to make you stand out as a talent. 

"And also, when you're in that system, if I look at someone like Thea Hail, I love her energy and her character. This over the top, spunky woman who's ready to fight. I did not like when she turned heel. Why? Because then she was kind of...the same. And then when they got her back to where she was, part of the whole storyline, but once it got her back, she has more value as this type of character. How it translates on the main roster, [I] don't know, because we're specifically talking about 'NXT.'"


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