WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray Weighs In On NXT's Heritage Cup

WWE legend Bully Ray has explained why he doesn't care for the "NXT" Heritage Cup and questioned the reason for its existence.

The "NXT" Heritage Cup was introduced in 2020, first part of "NXT UK" and later "NXT," with the cup being defended in tournaments. Bully Ray, on "Busted Open," praised the idea for being unique, but doesn't understand what the trophy represents.


"Credit to where it's due, it's different," began Ray. "I like the idea of doing something different but, personally, it's not to my taste. Personally, I don't care about the Heritage Cup. I've said it a million times, I believe the industry is watered down with entirely too many championships that are not clear-cut and defined enough for me to care. I'm not saying 'NXT' is doing anything wrong; I'm not saying WWE, AEW, Billy Corgan bringing back the Southern Idaho Mid-Heavyweight Championship ... it's all good. If it works for you, it's all good. Personally, I want less championships that mean more."

Ray added that he wants championships to be elevated to a level where a title win means the world to a wrestler. The Hall of Famer believes there should be more clarity about what the "NXT" Heritage Cup truly represents and why a wrestler would want to win it.


"I need to know what the Heritage Cup represents. I need to know why the Heritage Cup emotionally moves a wrestler to win it," said Ray.

The Heritage Cup was brought back to WWE programming in April 2023, after the trophy was inactive for nearly a year. The trophy is currently held by Tony D'Angelo, who won it from Charlie Dempsey on the May 14 edition of "NXT."