WWE Star Liv Morgan Says This Riott Squad Member Would Fart In The Ring 'All The Time'

The Riott Squad — Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, and Ruby Riott — used to cause havoc in women's division, but one of them was known for making a real stink of things. While speaking to "Open Thoughts," Morgan revealed that Logan had a propensity for passing gas during matches, much to the dismay of her partners and opponents. 


"So I had this tag team partner, Sarah, right?" Morgan explained to host Funny Marco. "I was in a tag team called the Riott Squad and she would fart in the ring all the time and it stinks, but [we] have to kind of just like not react to it. But, it's like, disgusting, you know? But you just keep it moving. I've not farted in the ring, but I've been farted on in the ring."

Fortunately, Logan isn't one of the wrestlers who've pooped themselves in the ring. Furthermore, despite, these gassy situations, the Riott Squad tore through the "WWE SmackDown" women's roster after being hired by Shane McMahon. Throughout their time on the blue brand, the stable put Morgan's current storyline rival, Becky Lynch, on the shelf. Lynch returned to join Charlotte Flair and Naomi to take on the Riott Squad in six-woman tag team action and get some payback before the heel faction ultimately parted ways. 


In 2024, Riott is known as Ruby Soho in AEW, where she is expecting a child with Angelo Parker, Logan goes by the name Valhalla, and she's expecting her second child with Viking Raiders member Erik, who's also her real-life husband. Meanwhile, Morgan's star is shining bright as she prepares to face Lynch for the Women's World Championship at King & Queen of the Ring on May 25. 

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