Matt Cardona Explains Role As GCW GM

While he isn't cleared for action just yet, Matt Cardona was recently designated to a non-wrestling role, specifically for Game Changer Wrestling, as the promotion's new General Manager. Cardona's managerial services officially began at the GCW's "Rather You Than Me" event on May 3, when he ordered the GCW World Championship match between Blake Christian and Danhausen to restart. During a recent interview with "Battleground Podcast," Cardona opened up about his new position.


"Being the GM, I was on the show four times as opposed to wrestling a 15-minute match with a five minute promo, so I was doing more work as the GM," Cardona said. "I'll be making the towns. I don't want to just be there to be there, I want to be there to contribute on camera off camera. I think that being the General Manager will of course keep my face out there and keep me busy, but it'll also allow me to focus on other things in GCW."

"I have no have no skin in the game there," Cardona continued. "I don't own any piece of the company but I do feel like GCW is my home, and that night that I wrestled Nick Gage a few years ago, I feel like I put them on the map that night. But I feel like they put Matt Cardona on the map, so I'm forever, I don't want to say in debt, but forever grateful. I'll do whatever I can to see GCW get to that next level."


Cardona's appointment as GCW General Manager came on the heels of an injury that Cardona suffered in mid-April. "The Indie God" later confirmed his injury to be a torn pectoral muscle that required him to undergo surgery. There is currently no word on when Cardona will return to in-ring action.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Battleground Podcast" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.