Latest Reports On Giulia's WWE Status

Details pertaining to Giulia's expected move to WWE have been slowly trickling out following her injury at Marigold's inaugural show. The former World of Stardom champion has been earmarked for a WWE run since well before she entered the free agent pool in March, and her ringside appearance at "NXT" Stand & Deliver in April basically confirmed it. Since then, however, there's been no word of Giulia's WWE debut.


Following up on rumors that WWE hoped to stage Giulia vs. Roxanne Perez at a Toronto show in July, Dave Meltzer wrote during this week's "Wrestling Observer Newsletter" that he'd heard from Marigold, WWE, and those close to her that she was not expected to debut that early, even prior to her injury. Meltzer also noted that wrestlers have been told to lie about their debut dates in the past. Meanwhile, Fightful Select is reporting that hopes for that match were purely tentative and dependent on her prior commitments in Japan, though it's believed that WWE is keen on booking it when she does make her debut. Fightful also noted that WWE was comfortable with Giulia recovering from her injury while remaining in Japan, and she was expected to appear in "WWE NXT" before making a full-time move to the USA in any case. There were reportedly fears that the injury was worse than what it turned out to be, but her return timetable is still unclear and contingent on how the bone heals.  


On the Marigold side of things, Fightful reports that Giulia is expected to make good on the dates she will miss through injury, and there is a belief that she won't be exclusively signed to WWE for a while, as working in Japan was said to be a crux in negotiations held in April. She is further expected to be presented as the face of the brand when she does arrive, with one source reportedly expecting her to surpass even Asuka's achievements with "WWE NXT."