Bryan Danielson Recalls Feeling Concern For AEW Boss Tony Khan's Health

Earlier this year, AEW President Tony Khan was attacked by The Elite and Jack Perry on an episode of "Dynamite." Despite being a storyline angle, however, Bryan Danielson was still worried about his boss taking a piledriver from Matt and Nick Jackson, which he opened up about in an interview with Sports Illustrated.


"When they got him up for the spike tombstone piledriver, I was just hoping Tony was OK," Danielson said. "I was hoping he would protect his head. More and more people are using piledrivers, and there's more and more head drops, so we train specifically in the BCC for how to escape those unscathed. Tony doesn't have any of that training. He's not a wrestler. My first concern was Tony's health."

Khan sold the attack by wearing a neck brace afterward, most notably when he appeared on the NFL Network and compared WWE to disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein. Despite portraying the injury as legitimate, however, it seems that the AEW boss came out of the piledriver incident unscathed. He even made a brief appearance on last week's "Dynamite," driving a flamethrower-wielding Darby Allin to the arena to cause chaos.


Danielson, meanwhile, will have the opportunity to avenge his boss at AEW Double or Nothing, as he's scheduled to team with FTR and Allin to face Kazuchika Okada, Perry, and the Jackson brothers in an Anarchy in the Arena match. Danielson is excited for the Double or Nothing bout, especially since it involves Okada in a setting he isn't used to.