Swerve Strickland Comments On When Former Champ MJF Will Get A Shot At AEW World Title

AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland is open to facing MJF, but informed him that things are different in AEW since the last time he was in the company.

Strickland, in the post Double or Nothing scrum, was asked about possibly facing MJF in the future, following his return to AEW on Sunday. The world champion is interested in facing "The Salt of the Earth" but hinted that it may not happen soon as MJF has other matters to tackle first.


"It's a possibility, and that's the beauty of this whole company," declared Strickland about facing MJF. "Everything's possible. I know he has unfinished business with Undisputed Kingdom, Adam Cole ... he'd probably want to finish up some things."

Strickland, though, sent a warning of sorts to the returning MJF, telling him that he can't be walked over and that he was building his legacy while MJF was away. "While you were gone, I was building. I was building and I was making this place a fortress. You can come in but — I'm not saying you can't even challenge for the world championship, but you've got work to do. Just like I had work to do."

He added that AEW isn't the same as it was when he left after Worlds End, arguing that there's been a shift in the promotion between Worlds End and the Dynasty pay-per-views. "It's up to Maxwell Jacob to figure out where he fits in this [shift] right now because I'm not going to make it easy," Strickland concluded.


MJF made a surprise return to AEW at Double or Nothing, where he attacked his former friend Adam Cole, and outlined his plans in the promotion. Strickland, meanwhile, successfully retained his title at the show, defeating Christian Cage in the penultimate match of the show. Strickland and MJF have never faced each other in AEW, but had a match at a Revolver wrestling show in 2017, which was won by Strickland.