Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer & Jim Ross Discuss How They'd Grade AEW

Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, and Jim Ross have evaluated AEW's performance over the last five years, with Ross pointing out one obstacle that they have ahead of them.

On "Busted Open," Dreamer and Ray were asked how they would grade AEW after they completed five years as a promotion at Double or Nothing.


"That's a hard question. Sadly we remember the bad stuff more than the good stuff, or the current ... I don't want to say state [of AEW]. I'll give it a 7," said Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer added that he would grade it a C+. Bully Ray, meanwhile, upped the grade compared to his former ECW compatriot by giving it a B grade.

AEW commentator Jim Ross was also a guest on the show, and he assessed how the promotion has done since its establishment in 2019. The Hall of Famer also gave AEW a B grade and pinpointed one challenge that the company has at the moment.

"Probably a solid B," said Ross when asked how he would grade AEW. "A lot of things that can be improved upon, like anybody else's company. AEW's challenge right now, for me, is creating new stars."


Ross is optimistic about the future stars of AEW, highlighting how the young wrestlers in AEW perform superbly at pay-per-views. He also touched upon his apprehensions before joining AEW and how he's glad he made the jump to the promotion. "These pay-per-views, everybody ... these kids rise to the occasion on these pay-per-views," stated Ross. "I was concerned about going to work for a start-up because I'd never done that before, and I'm really glad that I did."

Dreamer stated that he has liked AEW over the last three weeks, especially enjoying the segments involving The Young Bucks and Tony Khan.