Rey Mysterio Discusses Dominik Forging His Own Path

WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio has opened up about his son Dominik Mysterio creating his own path as a heel in WWE, and how joining the Judgement Day has been one of the best creative decisions for him. Speaking with "SHAK Wrestling," Mysterio explained how he prepared Dominik to be aware of the spotlight that would be on him because of his last name, and expressed how grateful he is that his son has been surrounded by the right people.


"Lance Storm — when he was up in Canada training — he told him as well that there will be a lot of comparisons that are going to be made between you and your father. You know, you just let them come in one side and let them out the other and you stick to your path, you stick to your growth, and you do what you believe is the best thing for you," Mysterio eplained. "Obviously, when he joined the Judgement Day, a lot of the advice was no longer coming from me. We were separate and he was doing his thing and I think that was probably the best thing that could have happened."

Mysterio also shared that he believes Eddie Guerrero would adore the work Dominik is doing today, noting that the late WWE Hall of Famer would probably be tickled by the Judgment Day member's heelish antics. At the moment, Dominik could be entering into a love triangle after being kissed by Liv Morgan on the May 27 edition of "WWE Raw," despite being sworn to his "Mami," Rhea Ripley, in storyline.


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