Bully Ray Weighs In On AEW Star Will Ospreay's Comments About WWE's Ricochet

Will Ospreay wants Ricochet to leave WWE and join AEW, but Bully Ray doesn't see that happening. While speaking on "Busted Open Radio," Ray explained that Ricochet has more incentive to stay with his current employer, even if some people would rather see him move elsewhere.


"I don't think Will Ospreay is taking into account that Ricochet is in a relationship [with WWE announcer Samantha Irvin]. He's talking from the point of view of, 'Hey, you'll be able to become the wrestler we all know you are, you'll be able to make great money here, you'll be able to do all your high flying stuff.' All that stuff in the middle of the ring. Now he has something outside of the ring; it's his relationship... You can't put a price on it."

Ospreay is unhappy with Ricochet's booking. He believes that the WWE star is one of the greatest high-flying wrestlers in history and should be presented as a bigger deal. Ricochet is the WWE Speed Champion — a title that is exclusive to X (formerly Twitter) and fought over in three-minute matches — and Ospreay believes this is a waste of his abilities.


While Ray doesn't see Ricochet joining WWE, he believes that Tony Khan would love to have the Speed Champion in AEW as he would probably take anyone from the rival promotion. "I think Tony Khan would throw a boat-load of money at anybody he could possibly get his hands on from the WWE. Just because Tony Khan thinks he's at war with the WWE."

Ricochet's WWE contract is reportedly set to expire, but his future plans remain unclear. Becky Lynch's WWE deal is also coming to an end, so the free agent pool could be interesting in 2024.

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