Chris Jericho Comments On Becky Lynch Potentially Joining AEW

Becky Lynch's WWE contract reportedly expiring at the end of the week, many fans have questioned whether she's done with the company. If Lynch does leave WWE, it's almost inevitable that there will be rumors of her joining AEW in the near future. AEW star Chris Jericho talked about this subject in an interview with TMZ Sports, claiming that it's very exciting for someone like Lynch to have the option of wrestling for a major promotion outside of WWE. 


"Five years ago, Becky would have no other options," Jericho said. "Not saying that she's coming, but there is an option. And who knows what could happen? You know, no one thought that Jericho would come to AEW, no one thought that Moxley would come, or Bryan Danielson, or Adam Cole, or any of these guys that have come over. So it's exciting for the fans. And it's exciting for the wrestlers and the talent because now, suddenly, there's a bidding war that benefits us. So I think it's very important."

Jericho noted that the bidding war for wrestlers is what made the Monday Night Wars so exciting as fans never fully knew who was going to show up on "WWE Raw" or "WCW Monday Nitro." However, everyone was a winner because of it — something that the current AEW FTW Champion knows all about given that he jumped from WCW to WWE in 1999.


Lynch lost the WWE Women's World Championship to Liv Morgan at King and Queen of the Ring and failed to recapture it on this week's "Raw," suggesting that she's on the road out — at least for now. Lynch also appeared to say goodbye to the fans after "Raw," fueling more speculation about her future.

Please credit "TMZ Sports" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.