Why AEW Chris Jericho Doesn't Plan On Retiring Yet

AEW star Chris Jericho has discussed why he has no plans to retire anytime soon and stated how he would've retired by now if he was in another promotion.

Jericho, in a recent interview with "TMZ Sports," said that he doesn't want to put a timeline on his retirement and when he will know it's time to hang up his boots.


"I would never put a, you know, a timeline on anything. It's like Kiss does a retirement tour and then you know two years later they're still on the tour and then 10 years later they're done with it or whatever it may be. I've never been that type of guy to put a number on it. It's how I feel," said Jericho.

He stated that if AEW didn't exist, he'd probably be retired by now. The former AEW World Champion asserted that the challenge of building a new company from scratch and changing the pro wrestling business reinvigorated his love for pro wrestling. Jericho argued that it's easier to be physically fit at his age, but tougher to be mentally ready and committed to the cause to make a change in pro wrestling.


"Had there been no AEW, I don't know if I'd still be wrestling right now, to be honest with you, because, you know, I left WWE, I went to start working for New Japan, then the pandemic happened, you had to go quarantine there for two weeks. I never would stay in a hotel room for two weeks. I'd lose my mind," said the AEW star. "So I don't put a number in anything. It's how I feel, and more mentally than physically. Physically is fine; mentally is where you have to be 1000% committed to really make a difference in pro wrestling and entertainment and AEW."

At 53, Jericho is one of the oldest active wrestlers in AEW but continues to wrestle consistently.