Arn Anderson Shares His Appreciation For Time In AEW

After WWE parted ways with Arn Anderson in early 2019, he quickly found his footing in Tony Khan's then-newly launched AEW. Now news has dropped that Anderson will be departing AEW to focus on other ventures when his latest contract expires on May 31. 


On a recent episode of the "ARN" show, Anderson expressed gratitude for his time working for Khan's company.

"I'm very appreciative to have been in this business for 42 years," Anderson said. "I've often said that this business does not owe me anything; I owe it everything. And here on the tail end of my career, I have been very fortunate to work for AEW and Tony Khan for the last four years, and have been under contract. He is a great, great human being. He has taken the wrestling business and given it another option and another whole different category of what professional wrestling is perceived to be, or can be, or will be, or has been. So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who worked there. They were all exceptionally great. Tony, we appreciate what you've done for the business ... so I wanna say thank you, and see you down the road."


Anderson has spent more than half his career working behind the scenes than he did as an active competitor. After over a decade working as an agent with the WWE, Anderson was brought into AEW as a coach and on-screen ally to Cody Rhodes and the Nightmare Family. 

Following that storyline, he guided Wardlow to a TNT Championship reign before teaming up with his son Brock Anderson. The veteran said he plans on dedicating more time to help advance Brock's wrestling career, whose own contract with AEW expired late last year and is currently a free agent.