Update On The Status Of WWE Recruit Giulia Following Wrist Surgery

WWE fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Giulia ever since she appeared in the front row of NXT Stand and Deliver in April. Giulia has reportedly agreed to join WWE, but her debut has seemingly been postponed as she fractured her wrist while competing at a Marigold event. Giulia has since revealed that she has undergone surgery at WWE's request, and has since been discharged from hospital. With that in mind, what happens next?


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, debuting at NXT Heatwave in Toronto on July 7 seems to be off the cards as Giulia has denied the rumors privately. Meanwhile, those in WWE have claimed that they will start making plans for her once she's able to travel to North America. At the time of this writing, WWE doesn't have an exact date in mind for Giulia joining the company officially, as visa issue timetables can be very difficult.

Despite her WWE debut being put on hold, it seems that she'll return to action in Japan soon. The feeling is that she will be working in Japan for longer than what was originally reported, and will use the steel plate put in her wrist as a gimmick for her to have more knockout power. The 30-year-old still believes that she will be able to perform on July 13 at Marigold's Summer Destiny event against Sareee.


Giulia has reportedly thrived in her role as a leader in Marigold, taking young wrestlers under her wing and training them while still sporting a sling.