WWE Reportedly Prompted Giulia To Get Surgery

Since she signed with the promotion back in April, there has been plenty of anticipation regarding Giulia's arrival in WWE. Said arrival may now be on hold, however, after she suffered a fractured wrist while teaming with Utami Hayashishita to face Sareee and Bozilla at Marigold's inaugural show, Fields Forever, one week ago. The injury subsequently led to Giulia getting surgery, which Marigold announced was successful Tuesday morning.


On the latest edition of "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer revealed that, prior to getting surgery, Giulia had been considering wrestling again with the injury on July 13, when she was scheduled to face Sareee in singles action. Instead, Giulia would get the surgery at the insistence of WWE.

At this time, there is no timetable for Giulia's return to the ring, though wrist fractures can take up to three months recovery time following surgery, depending on the severity. If that is the case, it would prevent Giulia both from competing on July 13 against Sareee, and from wrestling at "NXT's" Toronto event that same month, where some suggested she had been tentatively scheduled to face NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez. Other reports, however, have stated that Giulia wasn't planned for the event, and was expected to fulfill more dates with Marigold before joining NXT full time later in 2024.


However long she's out for, Giulia is looking to use her time wisely by mentoring other talents. Meltzer noted that since Giulia left Stardom to join Marigold, she has begun taking talents under her wing, as the upstart promotion looks to continue to build its roster.