Tommy Dreamer Discusses Main AEW Storyline In Relation To Champ Swerve Strickland's

Since winning the AEW World Championship from Samoa Joe at AEW Dynasty, Swerve Strickland has remained dominant, defeating the likes of Kyle Fletcher, Nick Wayne, and Killswitch in Championship Eliminators, while successfully defending the title against former World Champions Claudio Castagnoli and Christian Cage. He's also competed for real-estate on AEW TV with the ongoing war between AEW and The Elite, which Strickland himself has been pulled into at time thanks to some contentious interactions with Elite members The Young Bucks.


On last Thursday's episode of "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer talked about Strickland's title run so far in relation to the ongoing Elite storyline, and why he thinks Strickland and AEW are doing a good job at making sure he's not coming off as second fiddle.

"I'm a big fan of Swerve," Dreamer said. "I think he is representing the company, he's making the media rounds. We're going to here a fascinating interview with him on Monday. I don't see how, after his match with Christian, that he's being secondary. If you want to say he should've closed the show, I would totally disagree, at Double or Nothing, that him vs. Christian should've closed the show after the match they had, the Anarchy in the Arena. 


"Could they have followed it? Sure, but that's one hell of a match to follow it, and also a bigger storyline going in. He's your champion, he's going to continue to defeat...he got past his first obstacle, which became very persona, which I enjoyed. He defeated the last guy that kind of messed with him. Now what is he on to? Will Ospreay. Pretty big show."

Dreamer Analyzes Upcoming Swerve Strickland vs. Will Ospreay Match

Should he get past Roderick Strong this Wednesday, Strickland's toughest challenge yet as champion will be at Forbidden Door, where he'll defend the AEW World Title against International Champion Will Ospreay, who earned the title shot last Wednesday by winning the Casino Gauntlet match. Dreamer is a big fan of AEW doing the match, and isn't concerned about the reactions Strickland or Ospreay will receive, believing fans will flock to support both.


"It'll be a hell of a match," Dreamer said. "I'm no longer under the proponent...the easiest route to go is heel vs. babyface, but if you're telling me I'm going to get to see Will Ospreay vs. Swerve for either title, one title, I'm okay with it. I really and truly am, because I know they're going to put on a great match. And yes, the fans are going to get behind both guys. 

"I don't turn Swerve heel, I let Swerve be what Swerve has been; himself. And Ospreay is just next level, different type of character. Let their exchange [words], they're both going to be able to carry their segments promo-wise going into it. I have no problem with fans not going 'boo' and going 'yay!'"

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