Jey Uso, Lyra Valkyria Declare Intent To Win Money In The Bank Matches On WWE Raw

After coming up short in the recent King and Queen of the Ring tournaments despite impressive runs, both Jey Uso and Lyra Valkyria missed out on the guaranteed title shots in their respective divisions that were earned by the eventual winners, GUNTHER and Nia Jax. That was but one opportunity, however, and each of these combatants made it very clear on "WWE Raw" that they are now focused on the next opportunity for a guaranteed title match, the Money In the Bank ladder matches coming up at their namesake premium live event in Toronto on July 6th.


Uso, as is customary for his entrance of late, made his way through the crowd while fans brought out the fireflies and began their "yeet" chants, thanking the WWE Universe for its loyalty to him over the last several years. Recalling several beats to The Bloodline saga, including, as he put it, "losing [his] family," Uso spoke authentically, lamenting his semifinal loss to GUNTHER, but shifting his focus toward Money In the Bank, with his title intentions still very much at the forefront of his mind.

Valkyria's declaration was made backstage in an interview with Cathy Kelley in which she spoke highly of the tutelage of Becky Lynch but also made it clear that she has proven she can stand on her own two feet as well, as evidenced by her falling just short in the Queen of the Ring tournament, losing to Jax in the final. Before Valkyria could get too excited, however, the screams of a vengeful IYO SKY, who Valkyria ousted in the seminfinals of the tournament, were heard and the Damage CTRL member beat Valkyria to a pulp before storming off.