AEW Champion Swerve Strickland On What Prince Nana Brings To The Table

To watch AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland and his manager, Prince Nana, interact, it would seem like the duo have been joined at the hip for their whole careers. As it turns out, the two have developed their strong chemistry in only a year, brought together in April 2023 at the suggestion of AEW owner Tony Khan, who wanted to merge Strickland's Mogul Affiliates group with Nana's long-time stable, The Embassy, to form The Mogul Embassy.


In an interview with "Bootleg Kev," Strickland talked about his relationship with Nana, who he noted was the first manager he had ever had in his career, and why the duo have clicked the way that they have.

"That was one of the questions I asked myself," Strickland said. "I was like 'Why does Swerve need Nana? What does Nana do for Swerve that Swerve can't do for himself?' Now...there's a multitude of things he does. He kind of does my bidding for him. He's also my morale compass if you notice certain things. He's like 'No, not right now boss. Let's go, let's get out of this.' Cause I'll pop off and start a fight, do some wild s**t right then and there. But Nana's like 'Nope. We've got bigger things to handle.'


"Or 'Hey, there's some news I need to talk to you about that happened on 'Collision...' that you might not know.' Okay, so now he's my ear to the streets too. Then he's like 'Oh, you're in trouble. Here's my crown. Use it.' Okay, so he's also like this. Then Christian's trying to drive off and leave. Nope, he's also a guardian angel. I define him on many different things...He has a multitude of different uses and stuff that bail me out when I'm being overwhelmed."

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