TNA's Jordynne Grace Suggests Stipulation For WWE Storyline With The Judgment Day

The Judgment Day is in an uncertain place right now, with Rhea Ripley injured and her rival Liv Morgan attempting to seduce Dominik Mysterio in her absence, as seen over the last few weeks of "WWE Raw." Recent "WWE NXT" guest star and TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace has spotted an opportunity for WWE to recreate a famous moment from Mysterio's past with the storyline, which she shared on X.


"If this doesn't end in a custody of Dominik Mysterio ladder match, what are we even doing here?" Grace said, reposting a picture of Morgan kissing Mysterio.

For many WWE fans, their first exposure to Mysterio took place all the way back in 2005, when he was just 8 years old. In the lead-up to that year's WWE SummerSlam, Dominik's father Rey Mysterio was locked in a heated feud with Eddie Guerrero, and Dominik was eventually involved as an onscreen character. The most well-remembered aspect of the feud was the ladder match at SummerSlam between Rey and Guerrero, with Dominik's custody on the line in a briefcase hanging above the ring.

Whether WWE ignores the opportunity, makes a passing reference to it, or books a full-on custody ladder match remains to be seen. An actual match is unlikely, unless WWE is looking to turn the storyline into something more comedic, which seems doubtful. However, the parallels are there if somebody in WWE decides to make reference to the Mysterio-Guerrero history.


Though Grace is still firmly a TNA star, she has made several appearances on WWE programming this year as part of a working relationship between the promotions. After making her debut in the 2024 WWE Royal Rumble, Grace recently showed up again, this time on "WWE NXT," challenging Roxanne Perez to a match at NXT Battleground this weekend.