Bully Ray Breaks Down WWE Storyline Between Liv Morgan & The Judgment Day

Ever since Rhea Ripley was taken out of action last month, one of WWE's top storylines has revolved around Liv Morgan attempting to manipulate The Judgment Day, namely Dominik Mysterio. Though Ripley is offscreen dealing with her injury, her absence has fueled this storyline and ensures she'll immediately re-enter the title picture against Morgan, the Women's World Champion. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray explained why he's so enthusiastic about everything he's seen so far.


"Right now, it looks like Dom is trying to stand his ground and not do anything wrong in Mami's eyes," Bully said. "He's gonna try to be good as long as he can, and I think he's eventually going to cave. I think they're all going to cave. I think [Morgan] is going to use her powers of persuasion, her womanly ways."

The storyline could continue along many different paths, such as having some members of The Judgment Day decide not to fall in line behind Morgan. However, the radio host feels strongly that the company needs to book toward a climactic moment for Ripley's eventual return.

"They need to build to the moment ... where Dom says, 'I'm going to kiss you next week on 'Raw.”" Bully continued. "Or we're going to have the coronation of Liv Morgan as the head of The Judgment Day. ... If you build to that moment, that one moment that will piss Rhea off more than anything else, you're gonna have lightning in a bottle."


Additionally, Bully pitched the introduction of some backup for Morgan in the storyline, with the reveal coming just before Ripley is finally able to get her hands on her rival. When Ripley is about to get her revenge, Morgan's new bodyguard would appear and serve as one more obstacle for the former champion to overcome before facing Morgan.

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