MJF Hypes Return To AEW Dynamite: 'I Have A Lot To Get Off My Chest'

It's been 10 days since MJF returned to AEW following a stint on the injured list, and he's just getting started. The former AEW World Champion will make his first "Dynamite" appearance since December tonight, where many expect him to be confronted by Rush after the luchador called MJF out towards the end of last week's "Dynamite."


Whoever he's feuding with doesn't appear to matter to MJF. All that matters, as the "Salt of the Earth" told "Sports Illustrated," is that AEW's top dog is back in the yard.

"Daddy's back," MJF said. "Daddy's going to make a change, and Daddy's going to help the health of the company."

While MJF was plenty fired up during his Double or Nothing appearance, he indicated he'd been holding back, and those who wished he had said more at the PPV would be pleased with his appearance tonight.

"If you really want to see me on Dynamite, the good news is I'm going to talk tonight...and I have a lot to get off my chest," MJF said. "There was a lot of s**t I watched on my TV while I was out for all those months that really pissed me off, and I'll be talking about it on "Dynamite." I didn't even scratch the surface at that pay-per-view."


Potentially giving a preview of what he will say tonight, MJF made it clear that he was back to put AEW on his back, whether the locker room likes it or not.

"Frankly, everybody should be getting in line to kiss my ass," MJF said. "I'm back, so people have a reason to tune in. They've done a hell of a job carrying the load while I was gone, but everything's going to be fine now. I'm back and I'm here to save the day."