AEW's Chuck Taylor Addresses Possibility Of His Career Being Over

After 23 years in the wrestling business, Chuck Taylor is staring his wrestling mortality right in the face. The former "Best Friend" injured his ankle back in October 2023, and though initially optimistic he could return, he later learned the injury could be career ending, which led to Taylor being written off TV following a loss to old partner Trent Beretta in a Parking Lot Brawl.


Appearing on "Close Up with Renee Paquette," Taylor went in-depth regarding the injury, his rehab process, and the revelation that things were more serious than originally thought. Up until that point, he admitted that he hadn't really been in a negative state of mind, thanks to time off and a developing interest in a potential backstage position.

"I really wasn't...I didn't feel that lost or dark or anything like that," Taylor said. "I mean, I got to play some video games. I got to watch some movies. I got to hang out. I was still mostly on the road. I didn't come off the road for that much, because I'm trying to learn some more backstage stuff, which I've always been interested in. So it wasn't that bad. But then finding out that...'No, your career might be over,' it's an odd feeling."


In a bit of good news, Taylor revealed he wasn't in much pain, and was able to easily walk on his bad ankle with a brace. More importantly, he isn't ready to give up on his career being over just yet.

"I can get surgery and then they know, once I heal from that, I can hopefully reassess," Taylor said. "Maybe it's me hoping against hope. But we've seen a lot of guys and girls come back from career ending injuries."

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