AEW's Wardlow Doesn't Hold Back On Former Champ MJF

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is back in AEW for the long haul, as he announced at Double or Nothing that he had signed a new deal with the company, before channeling his inner Jordan Belfort in stating that he wasn't f***ing leaving. During his five years in AEW, MJF has seemingly made an enemy out of just about everyone in the company, but none more so than his former muscle Wardlow. The three-time TNT Champion broke free of Friedman's hold over him following the lengthy feud between MJF and CM Punk, but in the years since then, fans have come to accept the former AEW World Champion as their scumbag. However, Wardlow isn't having any of it.


Following the unveiling of MJF's new t-shirt that plays into the idea of Friedman being a "lone wolf," Wardlow took to X (formerly Twitter) to let the world know that he wants to finally rid AEW of MJF once and for all. Wardlow wrote; "He wants to be a 6'3 270lb monster athlete so bad. Now stealing my whole identity? Call yourself the "lone wolf" all you want. You're still just a p***y that I squashed like nothing. Almost feel bad for the little boy, but the disrespect has gone too far for too long."


Friedman and Wardlow have rarely crossed paths since their initial match at Double or Nothing 2022, where Wardlow defeated MJF in a little under eight minutes. However, Wardlow's affiliation with Adam Cole and the Undisputed Kingdom was brought together over the idea of getting revenge on MJF for all of the things he has done wrong during his time in AEW. Friedman has currently got to deal with former ROH World Champion Rush following their interactions since his return, but it seems that "Mr. Mayhem" hasn't forgotten about the hell he went through with the "Salt of the Earth."