Dave Meltzer Breaks Down Updates To The AEW-CMLL-AAA Relationship

AEW working with the two biggest promotions in Mexico, CMLL and AAA, has brought the relationship between the two companies back into the spotlight in 2024. The bitterness between them began back in 1992, and has led to wrestlers from both companies not being allowed to work on the same shows. This has affected both AEW and NJPW over the past few years, with the most notable example being AAA-affiliated wrestlers who were signed to AEW such as The Lucha Brothers not being allowed to work at the previous two Forbidden Door pay-per-views due to NJPW having a working relationship with CMLL, despite AEW being on good terms with all three companies.


This very tangled web has seemingly began to unravel in recent months, with Dave Meltzer breaking down the situation in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer stated that having CMLL's Volador Jr., Esfinge, Rugido, and Magnus all wrestling on the same show as Rey Fenix was notable as it indicates that Tony Khan has managed to partially break down a true Forbidden Door in wrestling. Rocky Romero also played a big part in the situation given his high positions in AEW and NJPW, as well as his close ties with CMLL.

Meltzer was told that the policy regarding this complicated relationship has slightly changed so that Mexican-born wrestlers who have worked for AAA in the past but haven't featured recently will be allowed to work on the same cards as CMLL talent. Fenix hasn't wrestled for AAA since October 2022, giving him a long enough break from the company to be deemed acceptable to work on the same show as CMLL talent, as he is seen as more of an AEW talent and less of a AAA talent. 


What Does This Mean for Forbidden Door and the Rest of the AEW Roster?

CMLL is likely to have involvement in the upcoming Forbidden Door pay-per-view on June 30, and while the policy regarding certain talents is subject to negotiations between AEW, CMLL, and NJPW, there is a good chance stars who weren't allowed near the previous two Forbidden Door events could potentially feature.


For example, Rush's appearance on the June 5  "AEW Dynamite" is different to Fenix's, as he wasn't wrestling. CMLL as a company is fine with other Mexican wrestlers being on the same show, or same arena, as long as they aren't wrestling if the CMLL talent are. However, this could mean that Rush's pending match with MJF could happen at Forbidden Door instead of "AEW Dynamite," as the rules regarding AAA and CMLL talent have been relaxed.

For the other luchadores on AEW's books, situations will vary from person to person. El Hijo del Vikingo wouldn't be allowed to appear at Forbidden Door if he was healthy, as he is signed to AAA, while Komander, who is signed to AEW, is the current AAA Cruiserweight Champion, so he wouldn't be allowed either. However, Bandido would likely fit into the same category as Fenix, as he hasn't wrestled at any AAA affiliated show since May 2023. As for Fenix's brother Penta El Zero Miedo, his situation is more complicated, as he competed at a AAA affiliated show as recently as April 2024, but hasn't featured on AAA TV since November 2023. However, AEW believes Penta would fit in the same category as his brother, with the belief being that CMLL's owner Salvador 'Chavo' Lutteroth III is okay with having Penta on the same show as CMLL talent.