Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer On Roxanne Perez Vs Jordynne Grace At WWE NXT Battleground

WWE NXT Battleground is coming up this weekend, with six matches announced for the show. One of the most anticipated bouts will see TNA star Jordynne Grace challenge Roxanne Perez for the WWE NXT Women's Championship, furthering the growing relationship between the two companies. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," former WWE star Bully Ray discussed the match and the WWE-TNA relationship as a whole.


"I think they're gonna go very traditional with it," Bully said. "I think TNA will most likely benefit from an in-house angle based on the finish of the match between Jordynne and Roxanne, and that's about as far as I'm gonna go with that because I don't want to possibly ruin anything for anybody."

However, Bully said that he would book things differently compared to what he expects to see, stating that he'd opt for a "shock and awe" mentality. That means the WWE Hall of Famer would like to see Perez drop the NXT Women's Championship to the TNA star. However, he believes the only way WWE would agree to a partnership with TNA is if they could plan everything out in advance, and Bully doesn't see any surprises taking place this weekend.


Commenting on the angle, Bully's co-host Tommy Dreamer shared that he was a big fan of the "NXTNA" shirt that Grace was sporting during the most recent "WWE NXT," but isn't sure if it's something that could be made available for fans to purchase. The TNA creative figure also shared his ideas for how Sunday's match could play out.

"You could see both women go to a time limit draw," Dreamer said. "If it's not the main event, I think [that] isn't bad. You could have [them], like Bully said, switch the title. Jordynne Grace ... has an open challenge at Cicero Stadium at [TNA] Against All Odds in Chicago. Some ramifications could happen there."

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