STARDOM Founder Responds To Recent 'Defamation' Comments From AEW EVP Kenny Omega

Rossy Ogawa has addressed AEW star Kenny Omega's comments towards him in April. During a Twitch stream, Omega went into detail as to why he doesn't necessarily trust Ogawa. Ogawa addressed Omega's comments during a recent interview with "Sports Graphic Number," as well as the belief that he was at fault for STARDOM's previous lack of relationship with AEW, something even Tony Khan has echoed previously


"People said that [I] was getting in the way with the AEW thing ... But that's not true," he rebuffed. "Kenny Omega is attacking me over there, saying things that aren't true, but that's defamation ... Many people make various statements, but there are a lot of false statements." Omega had suggested in his warning about Ogawa that there were those within Japan who could attest to what he was saying. He stopped short of making any definitive allegations, though he did allude to Ogawa's hiring policy, closing out by saying he would advise hesitancy to work with him. 

Ogawa opined that the negative comments come as the price of fame, but took issue with the idea that WWE fans over WrestleMania weekend may have had a pre-conceived notion of him based on what he says are imagined scenarios. Ogawa attended "WWE NXT" Stand & Deliver, and was spotlighted alongside Giulia during the broadcast, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with William Regal. Giulia is expected to join WWE, but only once she has wrapped up her commitments with Ogawa's promotion, Marigold, which was unveiled in April.