Konnan Discusses Moments From Which He Didn't Think WCW Could Recover

Former WCW star Konnan has discussed the various mistakes WCW made which he believes they couldn't recover from, one of which involved Hulk Hogan.

Konnan was a recent guest on "Busted Open" to discuss the new "Who Killed WCW?" docu-series. He touched upon a few things that he feels ruined the promotion and helped cause the decline of the promotion. The first incident he discussed was the infamous "Fingerpoke of Doom" debacle, where Hogan poked Kevin Nash during a match and won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Konnan said that the fans at the Georgia Dome in Atalanta were livid at what transpired between Hogan and Nash.


"The Fingerpoke of Doom [made me think] 'What the f**k is this?' I could not believe that. There were people in the show — I was there, I remember talking to Goldberg about it — I was there and the fans were pi**ed," said Konnan. "They were going, 'What the f**k? This is bullsh*t.' They were hot and so was I."

Konnan also referred to a few more instances that hurt the promotion badly, one of which once again involved Nash, when he was supposed to have been doused with blood but didn't happen at first. The former WCW star also mentioned an incident involving Sting but didn't go into detail. He may have possibly been talking about the botched finish at Starrcade 1997 in the match between Sting and Hogan, where the match had to be restarted after a quick count.


"The Sting thing, that was brutal," said Konnan. "Remember when they dumped that bucket of blood, and it was supposed to hit Nash and it missed him completely? That actually happened twice."

Sting himself doesn't know what happened in his match with Hogan at Starrcade, revealing how they didn't know what was going to happen until they crossed the curtain.