Last QR Code Before WWE Raw Offers Final Wyatt 6 Clues At Clash At The Castle

As Sami Zayn made his entrance, the screen flickered, and the words "massacre" were accompanied by flashing Pluto signs. With just two days to go until the speculated debut date for the long-awaited Uncle Howdy stable, another QR code graced the screens of fans tuned into Clash at the Castle.


The QR code led to a few new clues left in the extensive Uncle Howdy crumb trail. One of the images was of a messy table, with reading materials and crude drawings strewn all over it. "Remember who you are" is scrawled in red on a sheet of loose leaf paper. Behind that, there is a drawing with a circle divided by a forward slash near the top, and phrases such as "when the circle was broken, they were let loose" are written in print surrounding it. In the back, there is a partially obscured book titled "Mis(diagnosis)". There is a book open in the center shot, where somebody despairingly wondered if "he is me, or if that's what he wants me to think".


A second set of images were also found via the QR code. There are images of what fans are speculating to be Uncle Howdy, Nikki Cross, and Joe Gacy, the latter two being speculated members of the Uncle Howdy stable. The pictures are highly edited with glitch effects, and so definitive identification of their subjects is not possible.

These portrait shots are accompanied by broken text on a photo of a green and blue aura. When pieced together, the fragmented letters read "massacre 6 17 24".

June 17 is the date of next week's edition of "WWE Raw", where Uncle Howdy's faction are rumored to debut. As of writing, the current members of Uncle Howdy's stable are rumored to include Cross, Gacy, Dexter Lumis, Erick Rowan, and Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy. May fans also believe that Alexa Bliss is slated to join the faction; this would be her first appearance on WWE programming after giving birth to her daughter in November 2023.