QR Code In WWE 2K24 Leads To Another Wyatt 6 Tease

Teases for the long-anticipated "Wyatt 6" faction involving the late Bray Wyatt's brother Bo Dallas resuming his Uncle Howdy character have evolved from social media to QR codes on WWE programming, to Twitch streams and WhatsApp, and now, have come to WWE 2K24. As of Monday afternoon, fans who load up the video game on their preferred platform are met with a QR code. When scanned, it leads to a website titled "11_19" with the word "remember" flashing at the top, with a video below. As fans on X noticed, 11/19 is the number worn on Bray Wyatt's Mad Hatter-esque hat in an episode of the "Firefly Funhouse" alongside Alexa Bliss. It is also the date of a promo Wyatt cut about The Undertaker in 2015. The cryptic nature of the teases has left many interpretations open.


The video shows a variety of images on a malfunctioning television screen, some of which have been seen in previous clues, such as a female figure, seemingly referencing Sister Abigail of the cultlike Wyatt Family infamy. A note that reads "Remember who you are" is also seen falling on a table. The strange symbols, as well as drawings of a raven, are also seen once again. At the end of the video, the woman is seen taking off her veil, but the video cuts to black before the person's face is revealed.

The locker code "HESEESYOU2K24" is also unveiled, which is a code for a manager card in the "MyFaction" mode of the game. Reddit users found that the code leads to a card with an image of a raven, which is classified as the rarity level "Amythest."


The most recent concrete clues about the new faction came last Thursday in a video dropped on Wyatt's birthday. The clues may have confirmed the group's members as well as the exact day they will debut. Letters written by a figure in the video seemingly allude to the likes of specific wrestlers, such as Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, Dexter Lumis, and Joe Gacy. Online speculation and internet sleuthing also point to a possible debut of June 17 for the faction, the Monday after Clash at the Castle, when "WWE Raw" will be live from Corpus Christi, Texas.