Clues In Latest WWE Twitch Stream Potentially Spell Out Exact Date Of Wyatt 6 Debut

WWE continues to reveal new clues about a long-rumored stable centered around the late Bray Wyatt, referred to by many as "Wyatt 6." On Wednesday, WWE used its WhatsApp to tease a second Twitch streaming video, a week after the first one aired last Thursday. That video has now dropped — on Wyatt's birthday, no less — and depending on how you read the clues, it may have both confirmed the new group's reported membership and revealed the exact date they will debut.


While there were no QR codes in this video, it did feature no fewer than nine sets of latitude/longitude coordinates, which have been used previously in this storyline. The coordinates lead to — in order of their appearance in the video — Rathdrum, Idaho (47.8124°N, 116.8966°W), Abilene, Texas (32.4487°N, 99.7331°W), Ixonia, Wisconsin (43.1439°N, 88.5973°W), Navesink, New Jersey (40.3997°N, 74.0299°W), Erlanger, Kentucky (39.0167°N, 84.6008°W), Ramblewood, New Jersey (39.9286°N, 74.9475°W), Irwindale, California (34.1070°N, 117.9353°W), Unicoi, Tennessee (36.1954°N, 82.3496°W), and Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (43.7764°N, 79.2318°W).

Online speculation is already running wild as to the meaning of these coordinates, but some fans noticed that combining the first letters of each location, in order, spells out "Rainerius." A 12th century Italian preacher known for expelling demons prior to his canonization, Rainerius is the patron saint of travelers, and more importantly, his feast day is June 17, which happens to be the Monday after the Clash at the Castle PLE, when "WWE Raw" comes to Corpus Christi, Texas. Other clues in the video also pointed to a June 2024 debut, lending credence to this theory.


Letters to family

As far as the actual content of the video is concerned, it largely depicts of pair of hands (wearing fingerless gloves, though at one point they wrap themselves in tape) writing a series of letters and putting them into envelopes, each marked "Remember Who You Are." The letters contain similar verbiage to that seen in previous clues, but this time there are hints about specific wrestlers rumored to be involved in the stable.


"It is never easy to feel loss," the first letter reads. "You have lost too much already. You deserve to be set free. I know that you are angry. That is okay. Let me show you what that anger can do. When you are ready to take off the blindfold come find me. You can always wear your mask :)" This could refer to the recently re-hired Erick Rowan, the last surviving member of the original Wyatt Family, who was known for wearing a sheep's mask.

"I am so sad seeing you look for a friend but to find none," the second letter reads. "How sad for them to miss out on finding someone as special as you. I have watched you stare into the abyss hoping someone would look back. I want you to know I see you. You are seen. You are loved. Come home. Your new family awaits." This fits with Nikki Cross, whose rare WWE appearances over the last couple of years have seen her alternately searching for friends and staring blankly into space.


Do you Bo-lieve?

The hands actually attempt the third letter twice, first writing "You had a family. You had friends. You did your best. They revealed themselves to be liars!!!!" before crumpling up the letter and starting again.


"Your family betrayed you," the second attempt reads. "You deserve better. You are accepted just as you are. Come to me and I will make you brand new. I will set you free. We can be a real family. We can be a real family!" While it's the hardest one to pin down, this letter makes the most sense for Dexter Lumis, who's been off TV for a full year, unlike his "family members" from the "WWE NXT" stable The Way. The hands also scribble randomly on another piece of paper after writing this letter, which could be a nod to Lumis' psychotic artist gimmick.

Finally, the fourth letter reads, "You had followers and they betrayed you. They turned their backs and when you were only asking for help asking for love asking for someone anyone to notice you they all did ... nothing. I will give you a family. Let's teach them consequences. :)" Combined with the smiley face, these words bring to mind former Schism leader Joe Gacy.


The video ends with the letters being delivered, followed by a figure entering a house and seeing a female figure who has been shown before, possibly a reference to longtime Wyatt lore character Sister Abigail and/or a hint at the involvement of Alexa Bliss. We also see a close-up shot of an unsettling smile that's familiar to anyone who remembers Bo Dallas, Wyatt's brother and the man behind the Uncle Howdy character from his final WWE run.