More Wyatt-Related Breadcrumbs Drop On WWE WhatsApp, Tease Second Twitch Stream Video

WWE has continued to tease the introduction of a Wyatt storyline and dropped a few subtle hints regarding it on social media. 

A recent tease by WWE revealed that Uncle Howdy was posting on their WhatsApp, and a new clue of sorts would be released on Twitch on Thursday, 8 PM. The images had the phrases "I'm waiting for you" and "Remember who you are" inscribed on it.


Recent teases and reports have hinted that WWE could begin a storyline based on Bray Wyatt. WWE had recently posted a few bits on their Twitch of the time when The Wyatt Family debuted on WWE television, and the Twitch video also featured Rachel Bonnetta, a psychiatrist who was in a Bray Wyatt segment a few years ago. Over the last few weeks on "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown," there have been QR codes, puzzles, and glitches that indicate the ominous arrival of someone on WWE television. Last month's Backlash show also featured a QR code that had an audio clip of Bray Wyatt's doctor and a message from a woman, teasing a return.


A recent report revealed that WWE has earmarked a few names for a Wyatt-based faction, which includes the likes of Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, Joe Gacy, Dexter Lumis, and Wyatt's brother, Bo Dallas. Rowan reportedly pulled out of a few indie shows he was supposed to be a part of as he has seemingly re-signed with WWE.