TNA Wrestling Star Joe Hendry Details Why He Released His Theme Song As A Single

TNA star Joe Hendry has always had a passion for music, even using cover songs to get under the skin of some of his opponents. However, it was only a matter of time before Hendry secured an actual mainstream hit, and that came in the form of his own entrance song "I Believe in Joe Hendry," which became a viral chart sensation earlier this year.


"I'd seen it go like mega, mega-viral on TikTok and then I thought 'oooh,'" Hendry said in an interview with "Cultaholic Wrestling." "People had always been asking me to release it and I was like 'Maybe now is the time.' People were making videos with it and it was getting like hundreds of thousands of hits, and I was like 'now's probably the time to put it out." Hendry revealed that he actually did some research on how to get a song into the UK Singles Charts, citing a video by a group of YouTubers who were given money by a video game company to make a song to promote "Saints Row" as a rough blueprint, given that their song reached number 27. 

As far as where Hendry thought his song would land, even he didn't expect the amount of success it achieved right off the bat. "It did way better than I ever expected it to," Hendry said. "I woke up and saw it was number 20 on the UK iTunes Chart and I was like 'Oh damn.' Then I tweeted it out and it went to number one on the UK iTunes, it was like one in Malta, three in Ireland, six in the US, and then the challenge became 'Right how do we keep the fire going to get it into the Big Top 40?' Which it landed at number four."


Hendry recently made a big splash in "WWE NXT," getting a huge reaction from the crowd in Tuesday's battle royal, before being swiftly eliminated by Kazarian.

Please credit "Cultaholic Wrestling" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.