Video: WWE Announcer Pat McAfee Shares Update On Blackout After Wyatt Sicks Scare

"WWE Raw" commentator Pat McAfee has offered an update on his X account (formerly known as Twitter) following an incident potentially related to the Wyatt Sicks. During Thursday's episode of the "Pat McAfee Show" on ESPN following Monday's debut of the stable, the "Raw" commentator had  US Navy SEAL and author Jack Carr on his show for an interview. During the segment, one of McAfee's cohosts noticed something going on off-camera before the lights in the studio, known as the "ThunderDome," went out. On Friday, McAfree and his co-hosts confirmed a "startling and eerie" power outage took out the show, shutting it down and leaving a "lot of folks worried and confused." They then aired "security camera footage" documenting what happened after the broadcast ended.


"I, just like the rest of the boys, saw the assumptions of the Wyatt Sick6 being the culprits, and that we might be dead," McAfee wrote in his X post. "We were gonna address those rumors earlier but didn't think anybody would ever understand without actually seeing what happened."

The footage shows a drone floating in the ThunderDome, saying "I've been sent here to end your show." The drone then threatened to emit an electromagnetic pulse. In response, Carr dramatically drew his gun and "took out" the drone while the show hosts cheered behind him. The footage was followed by an advertisement for Carr's new book.


The Wyatt Sicks have yet to address a potential official appearance on the "Pat McAfee Show," but interfered once again later in Friday's broadcast, briefly interrupting it with static and the written words "You Lied." As of this writing, the faction is not formally part of any brand and could potentially appear on "WWE SmackDown."